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One of the biggest debates with regard to finding the right educational supplement for your child is the choice between attending a tuition class and engaging a private tutor. A quick search on the internet will give you tonnes of results with opinions pretty much split evenly among the two camps.

Parents who recommend enrolment in tuition classes generally prefer the benefit of having reputed education professionals with proven track records. Teachers at tuition centres are trained in techniques of delivering materials effectively and efficiently to achieve the desired results. Most of them have been employed in educational institutions before, giving them a better understanding of teaching syllabus and examination requirements. Their skills and knowledge can be reviewed by the results of previous classes under their charge. This gives parents something quantifiable for their evaluation of different tuition options.

Private tutors on the other hand do not offer such transparent assessment of their performance. In fact, credibility is a big issue because there is no hard evidence on the results achieved by the tutors. Parents usually have to rely on overall academic records of the tutors to see if they have the right credentials. There is also the concern that since the careers of private tutors are less directly implicated by the results of their students, they may not work as hard as teachers at tuition centres to achieve good results.

So, in KOLEJ AMAN we also provide tuition class for secondary students to help them improve their results and get better grades.

Who are the teachers?

Experienced & qualified tuition teachers of different backgrounds for you to choose from
•  Lecturers
•  Current school teachers
•  Ex-school teachers
•  Full-time tutors
•  Part-time tutors



  • Bahasa Malaysia Tuition Class
  • Bahasa Inggeris Tuition Class
  • Matematik Tuition Class
  • Others subject on request


  • PT3 Class
  • SPM Class



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