The Students Association is your link to other students and offers opportunities to get involved, find information and news, get help, attend events and access services to support your learning. We represent the collective rather than individual needs of the student body. If we can’t help you directly, we aim to find someone who can.

Each student registered with KOLEJ AMAN, automatically becomes part of the Students Association. It’s run by students, for students via a network of local assemblies and representatives throughout the KOLEJ AMAN region, as well as operating centrally. The Students Association has students representing the student voice at the highest levels of the KOLEJ AMAN decision-making structure.


A college fraternity that is well-grounded with a sense of community service.


We helm various in-house activities that help promote student camaraderie, foster student-alumni ties, embed a sense of belonging towards the college, and hone leadership skills among the students.





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