Designed by: Teo Jing Ming S2/2018


The main colour in the Student Association logo is a bold contrast of black and red. Black represents courage and youthfulness. Red represents enthusiasm and passion. These two colours serve to encourage our members not to waste time in college but to cultivate, more innovativeness to embrace new things. The proverb “make hay while the sun shines” has never been truer.

The dove shows peace and liberty. It is shown to spread its wings to fly at a high altitude. That is a metaphor for the level of achievement that can be attained. Blue in the dove represents rationality. This trait is important before we make any decision.

The pentagon shape represents a shield; it shows the Association stands up for the students` rights.

The name of “Student Association” is in blue. In commercial design, blue is often used to emphasize science and technology and the efficiency of goods or corporate image. Thus, blue projects progressiveness.

The letter “S” represents “Student.”

The letter “A” represents “Association.”


The vision is a college that fosters a sense of community while instilling in its students a lifelong commitment to our alma mater.


The mission is to advance the Kolej Aman through programs that enhance the student experience, promote student-alumni interaction, establish a spirit of loyalty to the college, and cultivate relationships between students: past, present, and future.




2018- May 2019

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